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X-Men Still Icon Challenge

We're not as alone as you think...

X-Men Stillness
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Welcome to X-Men Stillness

This X-men icon contest community is for non-animated icons, in the image of buffy_stillness (created by quebelly) and it's many, MANY imitators. Each week a picture and/or blank icon will be chosen, and members will be allowed to make one icon per picture. All the entries will be voted on, and the top 3 (as well as a Mod's Choice) will be chosen from your votes. Please do not ask for posting access because you do not need it. rhyannonwrites and thecutepolice are the only people who will be posting to the community.

Each week, images will be provided for that week's challenge.

Images will mainly be from the comics and movies, but if good, clear cartoon images are found, we'll try to include them for variety.

Want to help?
Have X-Men comics scans, cartoon images, or bases of any version of the X-Men you'd like to see in challenges? Post them here and I'll add them to my collection. Please label them with character names (even if it's obvious, better to be anal than misfile something) and for comics scans the series and/or collection it's from (eg X-Men The End: Dreamers and Demons, Astonishing X-Men: Dangerous).


1) Icons cannot be animated.
2) Icon entries must remain anonymous. Please do not post your icon entry anywhere else until after the voting period.
3) Do not ask your friends to vote for your icon.
4) Do not vote for your own icon.
5) If you want to take one of the icon entries, make sure you ask the icon creator and credit appropriately.
6) Please ensure that your icon fits LiveJournal's standards.

How to enter

1) At the start of each contest round, I will make a post that you can reply to with your icon entry. All replies will be screened, so that only you and I will be able to see your entry.
2) You will need an host that will allow you to direct-link your icon. This means that Geocities/Angelfire/Tripod/etc will not work. A good (and free!) image host is Photobucket. I highly recommend them.
3) When posting your submission, please include both the img src and url versions. Your reply will look like this:


4) Icons that do not meet the rules stated in each submission post will be disqualified.


Submissions close on Friday 10:00pm EST
Voting will be posted late Friday/early Saturday
Voting ends Sunday at 9:00pm EST.
Winners will be posted Sunday night.


1) You do not have to be a member of xmen_stillness to vote.
2) Please make your choice for a first, second, and third icon.
3) Anonymous votes will not be counted.
4) Don't vote for yourself.
5) You may only vote once. Votes with secondary (writing/rp/etc.) journals will be disqualified. The exception is icon journals that have submitted icons to the challenge.
6) If rule-breaking occurs in voting, the voter and/or iconmaker in question will be disqualified for that challenge.

in addition to</b> the 4 weekly awards.

Past Challenges

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[August Challenges: 68 (Moonstar), 69 (X-Babies), 70 (Elixir), 71 (X2 Promo Pics)]
[September Challenges: 72 (Civil War X-Men)], 73 (Cannonball), 74 (Joshua Middleton Art), 75 (M)]
[October Challenges: 76 (Deadly Genesis), 77 (Magma)]

[Past Challenges]

Current Challenge: Magma

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